Season 1, Episode 3

Nutrition & Movement

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In this module children learn the importance of healthy food choices and how nutrition impacts their energy and physical development with these preschool nutrition songs.

The children will consider questions about food choices; “How do I feel when I eat unhealthy food? Does it give me energy to hike up a mountain? How do I feel when I eat nutritious food?”

The children will continue to develop their musical skills and understanding by reading and playing rhythm combinations on the hand percussion instruments.

Hosts & Guests

Jen Stillion-Young

Nick Young

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About This Episode

Children enjoy moving their bodies in creative ways as they learn important lessons about making healthy food choices with these preschool nutrition songs. Along with many great songs and a story about nutrition, children will be jumping and shouting “Yeeeehaaa!!”, moving like various animals, dancing the Ladybug Dance, going on a Dragon Hunt, swimming like a fish in a pond and playing an African stone passing game. Then it’s time for instruments! Children will play shakers, bells, scrapers, triangles and drums to make rhythmic songs, play music patterns, tell a story about camping and a variation on a classic children’s song.

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